The Walnut Council
is a trade association founded in 1970 to represent woodland owners, foresters, researchers, and the wood-using industry who make and use walnut veneer, lumber, gunstocks, and other fine products. With Black Walnut ( Juglans nigra ) widely recognized as one of the most valuable and most beautiful of the American cabinetwoods, the Council is a viable force with the goal of increasing the production of the highest quality American Black Walnut trees and other fine hardwoods for the greatest mutual benefits.
Council Objectives
  • To encourage good forest management and sustainability of existing timber stands.
  • To encourage new plantings of walnut and other fine hardwoods.
  • To sponsor and support state chapters and other events of interest to tree growers ………such as the annual conference, and annual tour of tree plantations in Europe.
  • To advance cultural practices and help transfer science and technology from the laboratory to actual field practice.
  • To assist foresters in keeping current with the latest research and industry information.
Benefits of Membership
  • Learn the best ways of managing walnut and other fine hardwood woodlands.
  • Meet other woodland owners to share ideas and experiences.
  • Discover best techniques for tree-planting, growing & maintenance …………..for optimum results.
  • Fulfill better sustainability of forests and satisfy other environmental concerns.
  • Subscription to the Walnut Council Bulletin, issued Quarterly.
  • New member packet of information.
Activities & Opportunities
  • Attend the Spring and Fall events, including visiting other landowner woodlands to see how someone else " does it ".
  • Attend the Winter Conference on Topics of Interest.
  • Be a part of the International Walnut Council …….See their WEB SITE at
  • Attend the Annual International Conference, held in a different region each year at the end of July.
  • Meet your local DNR Forester, and other Forestry Experts.
  • Meet Consultants, Equipment-Tools- and-Supplies Providers.
  • Participate in travel tours to Tree Farms in Europe.
  • LINK to extensive sources of Information.

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The annual dues are only $35, which includes the Wisconsin dues of $10.

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